Intelligent solutions and decisions

Computer Vision

Churnbusters computer vision brings machine learning to your video cameras. Our solutions utilize data from in-store cameras to count visitors and analyze customer behavior. These algorithms work anonymously without identifying any person.

Business and Customer Analysis

Business and Customer Analytics

Our state-of-the-art machine learning-based analyses and predictions reveal customer and market trends, identify root causes for deviations and enable proactive measures to success.

Machine Learning Seminar

Our machine learning seminar offers a first-hand and on-site introduction to the potential and applications of machine learning in business and customer intelligence.

Computer Vision

Bringing machine learning to your videos

Cameras are everywhere nowadays: From public buildings over shopping malls to the phones in our pockets, videos are an abundant source of data. While these cameras are mostly used for security and entertainment, Churnbusters computer vision offers machine learning-based video analysis that provides analytical insights about your visitors and customers.

These solutions find application in scenarios such as visitor counting, locating areas of interest in a store or a public place, or space utilization. And unlike sensor-based solutions, computer vision can distinguish between e.g. adults, children, prams, wheelchairs etc. and is highly customizable. In addition, it can be applied in places where sensors don’t work, all while using existing cameras and infrastructure.
Privacy and data protection are big concerns nowadays, and rightfully so. Churnbusters’ computer vision solutions are completely anonymous. The algorithms we use find people based on general features like shapes and sizes, but they are not able to identify an individual or recognize a face.
Business and Customer Analysis

Business and Customer Analysis

Modelling, analysis and prediction – powered by machine learning.

‘Know your customer’ is a phrase you have seen countless times. And you have worked hard to gain the knowledge. However, artificial intelligence is changing the game and will provide innovative ways to get new insights.  

Churnbusters applies machine learning in the areas benefitting you most: to describe customer behavior, analyze product or customer segments, boost your sales, or predict churning customers. 

See our city bike demo on how we transformed open data to valuable information that can impact your customers’ decisions or can be used to optimize existing resources in order to maximize the customer experience. 

Our cost reduction demo shows how the historical series of data together with other relevant inputs are turned to a powerful ‘what-if’ scenario. 

Machine Learning Seminar

First-hand introduction to machine learning and its potential in business intelligence

Machine learning and AI often make headlines these days, but what exactly is hiding behind these concepts? And how can your business best leverage its potential?

Churnbusters provides an informative half-day seminar to give you the background you need and help you brainstorm potential use cases for your company.

The seminar is held at a location of your choice and can be tailored to best suit your individual needs.